Luxor Hair Collection | the Most Luxurious Hair in the World

Luxor Hair Collection is the world’s most luxurious high grade human hair collection that offers only the finest quality hair to clients across the world.Luxor Hair Collection was created to provide the most luxurious hair to women for the best prices.  Eliminating the grueling search of a “trusted supplier of hair”, LHC does the grunt work for you.  We provide only human hair.  Our hair is free of fillers, synthetic fibers and other processes that would deem hair ‘cheap”.  If you’re in search for hair that will make you fall in love from day 1, Check out our newest addition to the Luxor Hair Collection;  our Exxotica Collection.

We provide the best Indian and Brazilian Virgin human hair on the market. 

Luxor Hair Collection: The Most Luxurious Hair in the World
Luxor Hair Collection: The Most Luxurious Hair in the World

Why Choose Luxor Hair Collection?

Choosing Luxor Hair Collection is of course, a decision you will have to make for yourself.  Here are some reasons to choose us as your luxury hair provider:

1. We care about you

Yes, it’s true.  You are always in mind when we are making business decisions on how we can improve the quality of our services and keep you smiling.  We only provide hair derived from the source, or country of origin.  We provide 100% human hair derived from India, and 100% human hair derived from South America and Europe.  Our hair has the cuticles intact, which means your hair won’t tangle, giving you a longer lifespan to wear your gorgeous hair.  We care about how you look as much as you do.  We know feeling and looking good are very important and we want you to look and feel good everyday.

2. We care about others

Besides proving luxurious hair, we also care about the people in the world; specifically children.  Children help shape our future and children are the future of the world.  Unfortunately, there are millions of children in the world who go hungry everyday.  Children who don’t know when their next meal is coming.  We’ve partnered with organizations in India and also the United States to feed children across the world and to help end world hunger.  Our foundation, Children In Need: The Greater Good Foundation, allows us to donate a portion of your purchase to charities across the world to feed children in need.  With every single bundle of hair that you order, you are feeding 4 children.  That’s a huge statement.  We believe in providing quality products and also giving back to the world.

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