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How To Manage Virgin Hair

So you’ve bought your virgin hair.  Now what?  You can’t assume just because your hair is straight, you don’t have to maintain it.  Here is a guide on maintaining your beautiful locks.

How to manage Virgin hair
Indian Virgin Kinky Straight Hair

Whether your hair is kinky, curly, straight or wavy, the same basic principals are universal for the longevity of your hair.  This is an investment.  Your Virgin hair is now your own.  To make this relationship last, let’s talk about fundamentals.

Moisturize Your Hair

Just because you bought your Virgin hair doesn’t mean it has special powers that normal hair doesn’t have.  Virgin human hair is still human hair.  You have to take care of your hair as you would your own hair.  In some instances, better than your own hair.  Virgin hair is unprocessed hair.  That means there are no chemicals, dyes or added fillers (such as synthetic hair) in your Virgin hair.  You must properly moisturize your hair to make the most of it.  The best moisturizer on the market can actually be found in your grocery store: olive oil and coconut oil.  These oils combined together form a powerhouse for providing a lustrous shine and also giving your hair the healthy glow it needs to last throughout the day.

Condition Your Hair

Conditioning your hair (or co-washing) is a necessity for your hair.  Conditioning will rid your hair of build-up from your daily activities (sleep, work, clothes, working out, etc.).  Just as you would wash your own hair, you need to wash and condition your Virgin locks.  How often depends on you.  It is recommended you condition your hair at least once per week.

Once your wefts are installed, you can’t just carry on without properly protecting your hair.  It is highly recommended to purchase a satin wrap which will protect your beautiful Virgin hair from unnecessary tangles and unruliness cased by poor management of your hair.  To achieve longevity, you must take the proper steps to caring for your hair.  It is recommended to wrap your hair before bed each night.  The satin wrap acts as a protectant for your hair while you sleep.  Don’t want to sleep with a wrap on your head?  Try a satin pillow case instead.  It is recommended that if you sleep on a satin pillowcase, tie your virgin locks up into a loose bun or pineapple.  The satin pillowcase not only feels luxurious, but your beautiful virgin hair will thank you too.

Here’s a quick way in managing your hair:

  1. Prior to sleep, mix one part olive oil, one part coconut oil, one part almond oil and 10 drops of rosemary into a bottle
  2. Pour a small amount of mixture in your hands and rub throughout your hair. About a tsp
  3. Sleep in a pineapple or with a silk bonnet
  4. Wake up and unravel your locks
  5. Shake and go
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