Children in Need: The Greater Good Foundation

Children In Need: The Greater Good Foundation is a charity that supports feeding hungry children from around the world.  This charity believes in the greater good of people, and how we as a worldwide community can help stop hunger across the globe.  With each bundle that you purchase, a proceed will go towards Children In Need: The Greater Good, feeding 4 children.  4 children from around the world will be thanking you as you have done a good deed to them.

Luxor Hair Collection understands the importance of giving back.  We believe in giving to helping those in need and to help make the world a better place, one child at a time.  With your help, we can feed children from all over the world who need a helping hand.  LHC takes the liberty in donating a portion of your purchase to providing meals to children who are in desperate need of your support.

LHC works with charities in Asia and North America to connect with children who can have a better future, thanks to your help and influence.  Children are the future of the world, for that matter, healthy children are what make the world a better place.  Help shape and form our bright future by helping us to give back to the world.  A good deed goes a long way.

When you purchase from LHC, you’re not only doing something special for yourself, but you’re also sponsoring a child who has a bright future set in place, being able to count on wonderful, beautiful people just like you. When you give, give generously and the desires of your heart will come into fruition.

Become a philanthropist

Are you interested in learning more about charity work and how you can become a philanthropist?  Reach out to us at  Let’s work together on making the world a better place.

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