Luxor Hair Collection provides the world’s most luxurious hair.  Our hair is derived from the temples in India, coming directly to you, our beautiful client.

Not only do we believe in making you feel beautiful and looking gorgeous with fabulous hair, but we also have a caring heart for those in need.

Luxor Hair Collection donates a portion of the sale of your purchase to Children in Need, helping less fortunate children in India by providing them with a meal.  For every bundle you order, a portion of your purchase is allotted to feeding 4 children.  The more bundles your purchase, the more children you are providing meals for.  A beautiful face and a beautiful heart are a rare combination.  Be that diamond in the rough and feed a child in need of your support.

Luxor Hair Collection takes pride in not only selling the best and highest quality hair available in the market but also we believe in giving back to the world.

Our mission is simple: help women look and feel great while giving back to the world.  We believe we are accomplishing both goals with LHC.  Luxor Hair Collection was started when our founder came together with a plan: have a one stop shop where women can purchase hair extensions, looking and feeling their best, as well as give back to the world.  LHC was created upon a stand for luxurious hair and high quality hair.  Our products stand for high quality and we believe in providing you with the highest quality hair in the world.  We’ve eliminated the struggle of finding a top hair extension boutique by doing the guesswork for you.  We’ve traveled the world, high and low and have been able to locate the most beautiful hair, available right at your fingertips. We believe in high quality, high standards and your satisfaction as our beautiful client.  With you in mind in every single step in our process, welcome to the Most Luxurious Hair in the World; you’ve found it here at LHC.

With love,